According to the Quran Jesus was NOT born of a virgin. The Quran says that Mary was a virgin at the time of the annunciation, but we know that she was married because Gabriel told her that she would be the mother of the Messiah (Q 3:45). According to the Quran, Mary’s mother was a Levite (a woman of Imran (Q 3:33). According to the Quran, Mary was a sister of Aaron (Q 19:27-28) and daughter of Imran (Q 66:12) who was from the priestly clan of Aaron as was her cousin, Elizabeth (Luke 1:5). According to the Torah, the Messiah was required to be a patrilineal descendant of David (2 Sam 7), which means that Mary WAS MARRIED (Jewish betrothal is marriage) to a man from the tribe of Judah, but had not yet cohabited with her husband. Mary’s clan did not accept the marriage according to Mark 6:3, a verse in which Jesus is publicly insulted by his clan as the Son of Mary. (Addressing a child by the mother’s name meant that he was a mamzer (bastard). Jesus’ clan even refused to address his 4 brothers and sisters by the name of their father, Joseph, thus including them as sons of Mary instead of the sons & daughters of Joseph.

Mark 6 explains Mary’s clan’s hostility toward her, her husband and her children. Mark 6 is a sequel to Jesus’ rejection by his town fold in Quran 19:27-35. Quran is very clean that the Jewish rejection of Jesus as the promised Messiah began in his infancy when they refused to recognize his first miracle, that of speaking to his mother’s priestly can as an infant. This rejection of Jesus as the promised Messiah continues to this day. Advice to the Reader: read the Quran instead of the tafsirs of the mufassirs. There are many, many tafsirs in which it is evident that the mufassir did not study either the Jewish or Christian scriptures in their cultural, linguistic and historical context. These mufassirs interpreted the Quran according to Christian and Jewish dogma which was not necessarily based on the context of the texts, a common mistake which appears in almost every scholarly comment on the Quran.

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